Shotgun Shell Pouches

These pouches allows the sportsman to carry a full box of shotgun shells with them when in the field or at the range.  The pouches are designed to drop the box into the pouch and secure the pouch with a snapped cover. 


This is an example of a handcrafted belt pouch to hold a 25-round box of 12 gauge shells. It features tooled front and side panels, a gunmetal gray snap set and a low-profile belt loop for an 1 3/4" wide belt.

"Possibles" P ouches

This "possibles pouch" was designed to match the "cavalry flap" holster for a Diablo blackpowder 12 gauge pistol. The pouch provides a means to carry the "fixins" such as extra shot, primer caps, patches and wads. It measures 6" high, 5" wide and 3" deep. It features a split belt loop on the back to allow the pouch to straddle a belt loop, if needed.

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