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I founded JANRIC with the idea that everyone enjoys handcrafted leather goods made with premium materials and built with individual attention to the details.


As a collector of a wide variety of pistols and revolvers, I was always looking for leather to complement and protect my investment. There's a lot of great holster makers...but very few provide the uniqueness I wanted in my leather at an affordable price. After my collection of "not quite what I wanted" holsters filled a closet, I began crafting leather that I like and use. Over time, I expanded my craft to include additional leather products.


I am not a "mass producer."  I am a one person shop...I design, cut, tool, dye, and assemble each piece...with an eye towards meeting my customer's needs and maintaining quality.   While the largest portion of my time is spent creating custom items based on customer needs, I build items for my Etsy storefront that are more general in nature when time allows. 


I enjoy working with prospective customers.  When I'm working with a customer, I will ask questions and exchange ideas to ensure I fully understand that customer's need.  In many cases, the customer likes one of my existing designs and only wants it "personalized."  In the event  a new design is needed, I develop the design with the customer to ensure I've interpreted their needs properly. 


When the design is finalized, I work the build into the production schedule based on the current work in progress.  I will give the customer a realistic idea of when I will start the build and of the expected production time.  The lead time for custom items normally gets a bit longer just before the start of hunting season and the holidays.  It is best to get your order in early to ensure delivery.  However, if you have a requirement that needs to be completed by a certain day, I'll try to work it into the production schedule and do my best to get it to you by the date needed. 


If you would like to see what I have in stock today, please visit my Etsy.com storefronts:


For bandoleros, gunbelts, holsters, cartridge management and sheaths:

JANRIC Leather

For folios, dress belts, mouse pads, and related items:

JANRIC Creations


If you see something you like in my Etsy storefront, that's great. However, if you want something a little different, I am happy to work with you to provide what you with what you need. If you are interested in potentially ordering a custom-made item to your specifications, please use the "Contact Us" link at the top of this page.


The picture galleries show examples of previously created pieces.  


Thanks for stopping by.


Rick Spencer


Handcrafted and Custom Leather Products

  • Bandolero Rigs
  • Gunbelt and Holster Rigs
  • Holsters
  • Cartridge Slides and Wallets
  • Magazine Pouches
  • Gunbelts
  • Dress Belts
  • Folios and Planners
  • And other fine leather products

Warranty Information:

JANRIC, LLC offers a five-year limited warranty on our leather products. If your leather item becomes damaged or unusable due to normal use during the five years, I will perform the necessary repairs or replacement at no cost to you. In the rare and unlikely event that you have received a piece of gear that is incorrect or defective out of the box, I will cover all shipping costs necessary to replace the product.

Damage by means other than normal use is not covered under this warranty, however I offer repair service at a nominal fee for all items that are damaged due to other reasons besides normal operational use.

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