- What type of leather will be used to create my rig?

I use premium quality, full grain vegetable-tanned cowhide for all rigs. Full grain leather is the most durable as the top layer has not been removed. The top layer is the most dense and has the greatest strength. Leathers described as "top grain," "split grain" and "real leather" have the top layer removed.


Vegetable tanning uses natural tanning materials and does not have the metallic residues that have a corrosive effect commonly associated with chrome-tanned leather. 


- How do I determine the right size for a custom made dress belt?

Measuring a belt you already own is the best way to find your correct belt size. Here's how:
- Put the belt on and note which sizing hole you are using.
- Remove the belt and lay it on a flat surface. 
- Measure the distance from the sizing hole that was most comfortable to the point where the buckle meets the leather. 
- Round your measurement to the nearest inch. If you measure 35 1/2 inches, you will want to purchase a size 36 belt.


- How do I measure for a cartridge belt?

Cartridge/holster belts are worn over the top of your clothing. They typically ride a bit lower on the hips than your standard dress belt.  If not properly measured, your rig will not ride properly and your cartridge loops will not ride in the intended position.

- Measure yourself around the hips where you want your belt to ride.


- What is meant by "draw type" in western holsters?

Draw type refers to the wear location in relation to the wearer's "strong" hand. The three most common draw types for western holsters are strong-side, cross-draw and twist draw.

- Strong-side: the most common draw for western holsters. The holster is worn on the wearer's "strong" side...i.e. on the right side for right-handed wearers. 
Cross-Draw: The holster is worn on the wearer's "weak" side...i.e. on the left hip for right-handed wearers. 
Twist-Draw: The holster is worn on the wearer's "strong" side, but with the grip facing forward. It is similar to a cross-draw for the "weak" hand. It is also called "cavalry-carry," as the saber was considered the primary weapon and the revolver was a back up weapon.


- Are any two items exactly alike? 

No. Each item is unique. I draw all my artwork freehand and each piece of leather has its own grains, wrinkles and coloration that make it unique. That is what makes leather so beautiful and special.


- Can I guarantee an exact color?

Unfortunately, no. I can usually get close, but each piece of leather and each batch of dye will have its own characteristics. The best way to get the closest color match is to cut the items from the same piece of leather and use the same batch of dye.


- How long will it take to get my rig?

As a one person shop, the time to create and deliver your rig will vary based on my current workload. I will give you a realistic estimate of the delivery time before you order.


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