Classic Western Styling for the 1911

John Browning's eternal 1911 pistol arrived during a period of transition.  The revolver was the mainstay of sidearms...but the semiautomatic had established itself as part of the history of the western culture.  


All the holsters can be made for the 5" "Government," 4.25" "Commander" or the 3.5" "Officers" models.  They are available with your choice of retention setups...grip strap, hammer strap, thumb break, "tanker" flap or none at all.  You also have the choice of pigskin lining with suede or smooth side out, vegetable tanned lining or unlined.  You can have your holster with tooled artwork of your choice, basket weaving or smooth front with a wide range of color options.  


Each holster can be right or left hand draw...strong side or cross draw carry.  

Western Styling - Other Semi-Automatics

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