The 1911

John Browning's 1911 pistol arrived during a period where the revolver was the backbone of sidearms...but the semiautomatic pistol was establishing itself as a viable option with increased capacities and rapid reloads.  The 1911 has been a mainstay for over a century and is still highly regarded by firearms enthusiasts and sportsmen  around the world.


All the holsters can be made for the 5" "Government," 4.25" "Commander" or the 3.5" "Officers" models.  You can have your holster with tooled artwork of your choice, basket weaving or smooth front with a wide range of color options.  


Each holster can be right or left hand draw...strong side or cross draw carry.  


The following photos show a few of the holsters that were built to meet customer preferences.

Other Semi-Automatics

The semi-automatic pistol has become a mainstay for a large segment of the shooting community. While there are numerous manufacturers of quality holsters for the semi-automatics in both leather and Kydex, most are mass produced and lack the "personal touch."  But I work with the customer to design, create and hand-fit holsters that reflect the stye and individuality that is seldom found at a reasonable cost.

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