Rifle and Shotgun Slings

Every hunter knows the value of a good sling to help carry their rifle or shotgun in the field.  All slings are handcut from premium grade vegetable-tanned full-grain leather and can be designed in fixed or adjustable lengths.  Each sling can be ordered in your choice of style and color scheme.  Additonally, you can personalize your sling with border tooling and/or custom artwork.

This rifle strap and buttstock wrap set was created for a Marlin 1895 in 45-70.  The rifle strap has an eagle tooled above six cartridge loops with a thumb hole.  The matching buttstock wrap has the same tooled eagle with an additional four cartridge loops.

This rifle strap was created for a Henry Golden Boy in 45 Colt.  The rifle strap has a "tri-weave" tooling and suede lining.

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