Classic Western Styling for Today's Revolvers

Handcrafted with fine leather, these holsters are reminicent of the "old west."  They protect and carry your revolvers while looking great with hand toolled art work that stand out in a crowd!  I freehand all my artwork, so no two holsters are alike...each is unique.


You can choose the classic "fold-over" and stitched belt loop or the "mexican loop" scabbard with a full skirt.  Each holster can be right-or left-hand draw...strong side, cross or twist (a.k.a cavalry) draw.  


All holsters can be made with your choice of retention setups...trigger guard or hammer strap with snap or "Sam Browne" stud, hammer thong or none at all.  You also have the choice of pigskin lining with suede or smooth side out, vegetable tanned lining or unlined.  You can have your holster with tooled artwork of your choice, basket weaving or smooth front with a wide range of color options.

This mahogany colored holster is made for medium to large size revolvers (such as the Colt Python, S&W 686 and Ruger GP100) with 6" and 6 1/2" barrels. It has contrasting floral artwork set into a textured background. It features "classic" strong side mounting and snapped hammer strap retention.

This holster is was made for the "New" Colt King Cobra with a 3" barrel. It provides an example of a custom designed holster with tooled artwork, color contrasting, and textured surface. It also depicts "classic" strong side mounting and snapped hammer strap retention.

The following photos are examples custom holsters I've made for customers with a wide range of options.

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