Gunbelt and Holster Rigs 

The gunbelt and holster rig has been around as long as there has been pistols. The classic "western" design provides a great way to carry your handgun whether in the great outdoors or at the range. 


Rigs can be built in straight, "Eastwood" or "Ranger" styling.  The cartridge loop carriers can be permanently attached or removable, depending on your needs.  Removable cartridge carriers are great if you carry more than one caliber and don't want multiple rigs.


My cartridge loops are created by "weaving" the loops through slots in the front panel. Next, I glue and border stitch a liner on the underside creating a very strong, durable design that isn't subject to broken stitching between each loop.

Here's a "two gun" rig I made for a pair of Ruger Vaquero's with 4.62" barrels in 357 magnum. The Eastwood-style belt is 3" wide with the buscadaro drop to 4". The Eastwood-style necks the belt down on both ends to accommodate a 1 3/4" buckle. The Eastwood is usually more comfortable when seated as it reduces bulk in the front. The belt is fully lined with a light tan suede to add a bit more body to the belt and make it more comfortable to wear. The belt also features 20 cartridge loops with star conchos. The holsters are "Mexican Loop" style and features thong hammer ties.  The skirt loops and leg ties are secured with the same thong. The holsters and belt both feature a tooled running border design.


This is my personal two-toned rig for my  6" and 6 1/2" revolvers. It is fully lined and  tooled with a "snake skin" pattern on the holster and belt. The holster and removable extended cartridge carrier has an "olive oil" finish that gives it a light tan color without the use of dyes. The rest of the belt is mahogany.


The belt is a 2" "Eastwood-style" belt necked down to 1 1/2" and includes a 10 round removable cartridge loop carrier for 357 Magnums.


This rig is a classic "buscadaro" rig with a Mexican Loop holster and "ranger" style belt created for a Ruger Single Six in 22 Magnum.  The holster and belt are completly border tooled. 


The ranger style buckle setup features “billets” sewn onto the face of the belt to allow the use of standard buckle sets. The belt maintains the nominal belt width and overlaps to provide additional stability and improves weight bearing capacity.


This custom-designed "Eastwood" rig features a hand saddle-stitched cross-draw holster with hammer strap retention for an 1873 Colt Peacemaker. The mahogany holster includes a color-contrasted hand-tooled feather set in a pebbled background. The mahogany cartridge belt has 10 loops for 45 Colt positioned on the right hip and hand-tooled artwork centered in the back. 


Here's a custom-made rig for a Ruger Blackhawk in 41 Remington Magnum with a 6 1/2" barrel.  It features an "Eastwood-style" belt with 10 cartridge loops, decorative tooling and nickel hardware.


This rig uses a snapped strap that allows the holster to be mounted and removed without removing the belt.


Here's a custom-madel rig for a Ruger SP101 with 4" barrel.  It features an "Eastwood-style" belt with 12 cartridge loops and brass hardware.  It also has the owner's initials set into blacktail deer antlers.


A young "pre-teen" needed a left handed "western" rig for a Colt Frontier Scout that had been passed from grandfather to son to grandson.  This rig is simple but perfect for the young gentleman.


This rig was created using "gator" embossed vegetable-tanned cowhide for a Colt Python with a matching sheath for the Winchester Model 94 Commemorative Bowie Knife.  


This rig was created for an 1851 Navy with a 7 1/2" barrel.   The belt is 2 1/2" wide with "ranger-style" billets to use a 1 1/2" buckle.  The belt is mahogany-colored vegetable-tanned cowhide inner layer with a sand-colored suede exterior.  The holster, ranger billets and cartridge carrier are mahogany colored. The holster is a "Mexican loop" with hammer thong retention.


This rig was made for a Colt Python with a 4" barrel.  It features an "Eastwood" style belt with cartridge loops for 12 rounds of .357 Magnum.  It has crossed-feather tooling on the holster face and single feathers on either side of the cartridge loops.


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