Custom Designed Holsters for Pistols and Revolvers


Do you have a pistol or revolver that is hard to find a holster in a style that you want?   Just send me note from the "Contact Me" page with the specifics of your needs, I may be able to help.  Here are a few of the designs I've created for folks who wanted something "a little different" for their favorite handgun.

I designed and created this holster for a gentleman who needs to have his Springfield Armory XDS 45 pistol and the spare magazine on his right side. This holster features the a laser engraved and lightly tooled bear's head on the front panel.

One of my customers wanted a holster for her Kimber.  She wanted the holster to depict her Great Grandfather's WWII unit emblem. After trading ideas on design layout and color scheme, we settled on the following design.

Here's a design I created for a customer.  He wanted to have one full reload available for his S&W 686 Plus with 5" barrel on a cross-draw holster.  This design gave him his seven rounds.

One of my customer's sent me a photo of a favorite grove of oak trees on their family-owned camp.  He wanted to know if I could use the picture to do some art work on a holster for his Ruger GP100 equipped with an after market under barrel rail.  I did a couple of designs for him to evaluate.  Here's the results...

This holster was created for a Ruger Bearcat Shopkeeper.  This little .22LR revolver is a limited production item and holsters are very hard to find.  My customer contacted me and asked if I could build a dark chocolate brown holster with covered trigger, hammer thong retention, cartridge loops on the face, a small horseshoe on the front panel and barbed wire border tooling.  Using photos that he provided, I created this holster for him.

This holster was created for a customer's Dan Wesson Model 15-2 VH (where VH represents "Very Heavy").  Using a series of photos with a ruler in each shot, I was able to develop scaled drawings to use in designing and creating the holster.

This holster was created for a customer's custom 1911...a true "one of a kind" pistol.  Working with the customer, he sent me a series of photos showing various views of the pistol with a ruler in each picture.  Using the photos, I was able to create a model of the pistol to design the holster around.  I needed to compensate for the barrel/frame  extention, the oversized rear sight and the barrel weight.


The customer also wanted the holster to match a previous holster I had built for his Dan Wesson Model 15-2 VH (where VH represents "Very Heavy").

I received a request from on of my customers for a custom holster for his STI Edge. The Edge is a fine pistol designed and optimized for precision shooting. With the photos he sent me, I was able to design a holster worthy of such a fine pistol

The Taurus Judge and the S&W Governor are very interesting revolvers.  While there are variations between models, they offer the capable of using pistol cartridges and shotgun shells.

The Taurus Raging Judge is a beast...shooting the .45 Long Colt, .454 Casull and .410 guage shotgun shells.  In the 6 1/2" barrel configuration it weights at just over 4.5 lbs.  A customer contacted me about building a holster for his revolver...he asked for cross-draw/strong side carry capability, cartridge loops on the face and a styling to match his motorcycle seat.  Here's the results:

Here's an inside-the-waistband for a Smith and Wesson Shield with a Streamlight TLR6 light/laser combo.  

Here's another inside-the-waistband for a Smith and Wesson Shield with a Streamlight TLR6 light/laser combo.  This holster is made with natural alligator outer with a vegetable tanned liner.

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