Laser Engraved  Cutting/Charcuterie Boards:

These boards are laser etched into various natural woods. While most of my art work is "Sportsman" themed, I can create almost any custom design. They would be ideal for the kitchen or den.  Each board has the engravings filled with epoxy resin and sanded flush with the wood. I progressively hand-sand the entire cutting board (front, back and edges) to silky smooth finish.  Next, I hand-rub the board with Walrus Oil's conditioning oil and let the oil absorb for a full day to ensure maximum absorbsion. After removing any remaining oils, I hand-rub and buff the board with multiple coats of Walrus Oil's cutting board wax.


All materials used are "food safe." However, I recommend cutting on the back and serving on the front to preserve the beauty of the engraved artwork.


Here are some examples:

Handcrafted Coasters:

Looking for something unique for your living room, family room, den, hunting cabin or man cave? Coasters add a subtle touch that displays your personality and style!  I can work with you to design and create coasters that reflect who you are. 


These coasters also make great corporate image items when your corporate logo is added. These are perfect additions to executive offices, conference rooms, or anywhere you would like to display your corporate image in style.


These coasters can be created using a wide variety of materials such as natural slate, leather, cork, bamboo, etc. 


Laser Engraved Slate: 

Natural slate is a great choice for creating eye-catching coasters that reflect your interests.  Slate provides a rustic look and feel where each piece is unique.  I've included just a few ideas which show the potential and beauty of engraved slate.

Tooled/Etched/Embossed.Laser Engraved Leather:  

Vegetable tanned leather provides a blank canvas to capture your ideas and interests. It takes a stamp beautifully, laser engraves with unbelievable detail, provides a great surface for carving and tooling and can be dyed to a wide range of color schemes.

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