Laser Engraved Knives

While there are a lot of folks selling engraved knives, many of the knives are "promotional grade" and won't hold up to the demands of daily usage.  I look for knives with quality steel, functionality and styling. After a lot of testing on various brands and styles of knives, I found my favorite...the "made-in-the-U.S.A." Buck 722 Spitfire. The Spitfire has a 3 1/4" drop point design, 420HC Stainless steel blade, anodized aluminum scales that engrave beautifully and Buck's lifetime warranty.  These quality knives are the perfect gift for the person who carries a pocket knife for daily use. Whether the knife is used around the home, at work, on hikes or anywhere a pocket knife is needed, these knives will get the job done. By personalizing the knife, you can provide a gift that is truely appreciated and will be cherished for many years.  Here is a small sampling of the Spitfire with engraving:

This Buck 722 features was engraved with the owner's name on the front. The design is simple yet distinctive. 

This knife is engraved with the phrase "We the People"  from the Preamble to the U.S. Constitution on the front scale. This simple phrase symbolizes the very foundation of American democracy and the power of citizens to govern and acknowledges that the Constitution reflects the collective will of the people.

This knife is engraved with a scene depicting a small herd of Elk in a woodland area. 

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