Our slotted hip holster is a great option for concealed carry.  They ride high on the belt, distribute the weight for comfortable carry and hold your pistol close to the body to minimize "printing". 


But, add a basket weave or custom art work and they are great options when you just want to show off your prize pistols.  


Designs include full length, minimalist (with exposed muzzle) and compact (reduces the "real estate" needed on the belt) styles.  All holsters can be made with your choice of retention setups...molded and "boned", grip strap, hammer strap, thumb break or none at all.  You can have most with or without a sweat shield; however, strapped and thumb break models will have a sweat shield on the back panel. 


You also have the choice of pigskin lining with suede or smooth side out, vegetable tanned lining or unlined.  

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