Guitar Straps

Custom leather guitar straps can help in adding your personality to your music.  Pick your style, art work and's an expression of who you are!

This strap is adjustable and features classic floral tooling.

A custom strap in fixed length with tooled initials.

This strap was created using the skin from a rattlesnake that had wandered into the gentlemans back yard.  He preserved the skin and asked if I could make a strap for his son's guitar.

This adjustable length strap was created using the skin from a python lined with premium vegetable tanned cowhide. 

This strap is an adjustable length strap for an acoustic gutar.  It is tooled with a running floral design and personalized with initials.

A customer asked if I could create a guitar strap that featured his best buddy on the front.  I sketched his puppy's face on the strap, tooled it to give it dimension and then painted it with acrylic paints.  The strap is fixed length, suede lined and is set up for use with Schaller locks.

Here's a custom guitar strap I made for one of my customers.  This strap is adjustable from 48 - 54" and is set up with for Gretsch connectors.  The artwork includes a tooled Tamarisk tree and laser engraved biblical reference "Genesis 21:33."

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